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2009-03-23: ARMORLOGIC Announces rapid expansion of global distribution network for its Profense Web Application Firewall as a result of growing awareness of website security

VICTORIA, BC, Canada and COPENHAGEN, Denmark – Armorlogic, makers of Profense web application firewall software, today announced that security concerns are driving the rapid growth of its global distribution network. Recent data thefts of 45,000 employee records at the FAA, 97,000 student files at the University of Florida and 29,500 employee records at Kaiser Permanente highlight the challenges faced by even large and sophisticated organizations. This and the recently reported trillion dollars worth of global damage from data loss (McAfee) has brought many of these issues to the forefront and is driving rapid growth for such companies as Armorlogic, a web application firewall maker based in Victoria, Canada and Copenhagen, Denmark.

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With new distributors and resellers in Australia, Brazil, California, Germany, Italy, Oregon, South Korea, Spain and Portugal, Armorlogic is riding a new wave of awareness not only in IT departments but in corporate boardrooms. “It used to be just the IT department who were interested in web security,” says Armorlogic Vice President, Jakob Gercke. “With a 47% increase in documented data breaches in 2008, everybody from the CFO to the CMO is getting involved because of the high costs of breaches in terms of lost customers, damaged reputations and system upgrades.” Adds Gercke, “New privacy regulation, more diligent auditing processes and a time of fiscal restraint have combined to accelerate the popularity of our Profense web application firewall.”

Profense has been generating a lot of interest as the only fully featured software appliance-based web site and web application security solution. While web application firewalls in the past have been tied to expensive proprietary hardware, Profense is instead an easy to use, easy to install “soft appliance” that runs on virtually any common server. This independence from hardware leads to easier redundancy and more flexibility around multi-node setup. “For less than the price of a traditional web application firewall, customers can easily set up a dual server, dual node Profense configuration that includes load balancing and allows for complete redundancy and high availability,” says Armorlogic distributor Yigal Behar of 2Secure of New York, New York .

As one of the only web application firewall products available that satisfies Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard compliance and defends against all OWASP Top Ten threats, Profense’s growth in the web application firewall market is not likely to slow down any time soon.

About Armorlogic

Armorlogic is the developer of Profense™ web application firewall software solutions that provide cost effective and easily implemented proactive protection of web sites and web applications. Profense provides complete OWASP Top Ten vulnerability protection and fully complies with and satisfies the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) requirements. Armorlogic’s Profense line of web application firewalls also include auto learning, advanced load balancing, acceleration, high availability (including active/active), session persistence and compression. For further information or to download a free trial of Profense web application firewall software, please visit our website at

2012-02-22: Alert Logic Completes Acquisition of Armorlogic to expand Web Application Security Offerings. Addition of Profense™ Web application firewall (WAF) satisfies compliance mandates, protects against application layer threats.

2011-11-22: ARMORLOGIC Adds Web Load Balancer product to Profense Web Application Firewall family of products

2011-10-24: ARMORLOGIC’s Profense Web Application Firewall Achieves Industry-Leading Performance Levels For Concurrent Users And HTTPS Request Processing

2011-07-05: Armorlogic Joins the VMware Technology Alliance Partner Program

2011-04-13: ARMORLOGIC’s Profense Web Application Firewall protects web applications and websites written in any language, including double byte languages such as Japanese, Korean, and Chinese

2011-03-16: ARMORLOGIC’s Profense Web Application Firewall protects against DoS attacks identified as new #1 attack method in 2010 WASC Web Hacking Incident Database (WHID) report

2011-03-08: ARMORLOGIC announces new version of Profense Web Application Firewall with SSL Client Authentication and HTTP request throttling

2011-02-21: ARMORLOGIC releases Profense™ web application firewall version 3.0 with improved performance and scalability

2009-11-23: ARMORLOGIC reduces price of Profense Web Application Firewall by 50% to improve level of website protection and PCI DSS compliance for SME’s

2009-09-28: ARMORLOGIC is first to add support for JSON based web services

2009-09-08: Profense™ web application firewall expands DoS Mitigation achieving industry leading protection with enhanced reporting

2009-03-31: Profense™ web application firewall update improves protection and enhances load balancing functionality

2009-03-23: ARMORLOGIC Announces rapid expansion of global distribution network for its Profense Web Application Firewall as a result of growing awareness of website security

2008-11-30: Addition of XML support for Profense web application firewall software

2008-11-20: Armorlogic announces New Version of Profense and extended trial period for Profense Professional

2008-11-14: Armorlogic announces addition of 2Secure to North American reseller network

2008-10-29: Armorlogic announces North American expansion through opening of office in VICTORIA, British Columbia